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Covid-19 Research Network and co-ordination group

The Covid-19 Research Network, which came out of our Covid Resources, Equipment and Services task force, aims to generate high quality research and collaborations that will explore the effect Covid-19 is having on our health, society and economy.

The Covid-19 Research Network now has 260 members from across a range of Schools and disciplines, and is overseen by a smaller co-ordinating group, made up of researchers and professional services staff, chaired by Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Seb Oliver. The group is keen to harness its interdisciplinary strengths to tackle Covid-19 challenges.

Members of the Covid-19 Research Network have already secured 5 Covid-19-related research bids worth £433,000, working closely with colleagues in the Research and Enterprise Division. Over 50 more bids have already been submitted, and there are many more being prepared.

The group, working closely with the taskforce, is also strengthening our links with external organisations and companies, locally, nationally and globally. It’s used its expertise to identify key collaborative research projects which can be funded through the University’s Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF) from Research England. Developing a new COVID ‘dashboard’ for the NHS and working with partner pharmaceutical companies to test the effectiveness of existing drugs that might help treat Covid-19 symptoms, are two examples of projects that have been funded. Read about all of the agreed projects.

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