Research and knowledge exchange

Contracts and IP

The development of partnerships with external organisations can provide opportunities for expanding the boundaries of our research and maximising the impact of our work.

All our professional engagements with external organisations must be governed by an appropriate contract, whether it’s a collaboration, a consultancy or an initial discussion about a prospective research project involving the disclosure or receipt of confidential information.

The Research Development Team can advise on how to engage with business through consultancy, knowledge transfer partnerships, contract and collaborative research.

If you need help with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), an MTA (Material Transfer Agreement) or Data Sharing Agreement, please get in touch with the Research and Enterprise Contracts Team directly at

For any other type of research-related agreement, please contract your Research Development Manager in the first instance.

The IP Team working within Research and Enterprise Services manages new invention disclosures from across the University, and is responsible for obtaining and maintaining protection for the intellectual property resulting from research carried out by the University’s academics and supporting its commercialisation.