Division of General Counsel, Governance and Compliance

Information Governance

Information is a foundational asset that enables the student education and experience, research capability and impact, and efficient management of services and resources. It is therefore important to ensure that information is effectively managed, and that appropriate policies, procedures and management accountability are in place to provide a robust Information Governance Framework.

Information governance allows organisations and individuals to ensure that information is handled legally, securely, efficiently and effectively, in order to deliver the best outcomes. It is concerned with how information is held, obtained, recorded, used and shared by an organisation.

Information Governance Strategy

The University’s Information Governance Strategy concerns the governance of all information held or processed by the University of Sussex.

The purpose of the Strategy is to minimise risks and costs, and maximise the value available from the University’s information.

The Strategy formalises the University’s commitment to information governance and to creating an effective, consistent and holistic approach to the governance of information across the University. All staff, at all levels in the University, have a role to play in the successful implementation of the Strategy.

As well as setting out the overall aims and principles of information governance at the University, the Strategy looks to further develop our existing Information Governance Framework and to provide assurance about the proper management of University information and our information governance capability.

Information Governance Framework

The Strategy and a number of supporting policies form the University’s Information Governance Framework. The Framework is intended for all individuals responsible for the use of information on behalf of the University, and all stakeholders with an interest in how the University manages its information. 

The policies within the Framework provide specific advice and guidance for those managing and using information on behalf of the University. The Framework includes the following key policies:

Information handling:

Information Security:

Data Protection:

Records Management:

 If you have any queries about the Information Governance Strategy or Framework, then please contact the Data Protection Officer.


Last updated 15 December 2021