Research data management

Figshare web page for University groups

Every school automatically has its own web page in Figshare. When a researcher in that school publishes data it will automatically appear in the school web page. Any department, lab, research centre/group or large research project can also request to set up their own web page to showcase all the research data that the group produces. You can view statistics on how many people have seen and downloaded research data from the group and report on it.

The webpage will appear in the list of groups on the homescreen of Sussex Figshare. It will also have a URL so you can link straight to the page from your department or lab home page.

You can add your own banner and logo to the web page to match your group's own marketing and branding style. See the BSMS group page as an example.

See these instructions on how the banner and logo should be formatted.

Anything that is published in your webpage will also be published on the University of Sussex Figshare homepage. When there are multiple authors for an item who are associated to different schools, the item will also be published within each of their own school pages.

After agreeing on publication standards with the Library we can set up a group administrator based in the group who can review all submissions to be published on the group home page. Or the Research Data Management Team can review submissions. This can be discussed with the Library Research Data Management team when setting up the group page.

Just send an email to stating your department/Lab/Research Centre/Group. The Library Research Data Management team will then discuss your needs with you.