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The following software can be installed on your own computer at home. Follow the links below for installation instructions and any licence codes that you might need.

All students and staff can install Microsoft Office 365 on their own computer.
Current students can install a copy of Windows 10 Education edition.

See also the discounts page for details of software that is available to staff and students at discounted rates.



Advanced statistical software, used widely in social sciences and many other disciplines.

The university is licensed for these SPSS products:

  • Statistics Base
  • Advanced Statistics - provides univariate and multivariate modeling techniques to help users reach the most accurate conclusions when working with data describing complex relationships.
  • Regression - enables you to predict categorical outcomes and apply a range of nonlinear regression procedures.
  • Custom Tables - makes it easy to summarize SPSS data in different styles for different audiences.
  • Forecasting - enables analysts to predict trends and develop forecasts quickly and easily.
  • Categories - makes it easy to visualize and explore relationships in your data and predict outcomes based on your findings.
  • Conjoint - helps market researchers increase their understanding of consumer preferences so they can more effectively design, price and market successful products.
  • Exact Tests - enables you to use small samples and still feel confident about the results.
  • Missing Values - Used by survey researchers, social scientists, data miners, market researchers and others to validate data. The software allows you to examine data to uncover missing data patterns, then estimate summary statistics and impute missing values using statistical algorithms.
  • Complex Samples - helps market researchers, public opinion researchers and social scientists make more statistically valid inferences by incorporating sample design into their survey analysis.
  • Data Preparation - performs advanced techniques that streamline the data preparation stage of the analytical process to deliver faster, more accurate data analysis results.
  • Decision Trees - helps you better identify groups, discover relationships between them and predict future events.
  • Bootstrapping - is an efficient way to ensure that analytical models are reliable and will produce accurate results. It can be used to test the stability of analytical models and procedures found throughout the SPSS Statistics product family, including descriptive, means, crosstabs, correlations, regression and many others.
  • Neural Networks - offers nonlinear data modeling procedures that enable you to discover more complex relationships in your data.
  • Direct Marketing - Helps you understand your customers in greater depth, improve your marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI of your marketing budget.
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Help resources

Install SPSS on a personally owned computer


SPSS Manuals

The following links are to external sites (links open in a new tab):

ITS only support installing SPSS on your device. Please refer to IBM's online guides or ask your tutor for help with how to use SPSS.


The university has a limited purpose license for SPSS; permitted use covers:

  • Teaching and studying
  • Academic research in support of above
  • Other research which is publicly funded by a registered UK charity and which will be published in the public domain.
  • Research funded by a research council who is a member of Research Councils UK which is for non-commercial purposes.

Licensed for home use; under same license conditions as above. See the ITS website for SPSS download links and licence codes (login needed).

Screenshots of SPSS can be included in course materials and handouts to students where SPSS is part of their course programme.

Materials may not be distributed beyond students registered on the intended course using SPSS.


26 Fix Pack 1

Installed on
Student PCs, Student Macs, Windows Remote

You can install this software on your own computer.

Notes on availability

Available via Software Hub on Windows computers.

This page has details of how to install SPSS on a personally owned mac device:

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