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Queries about facilities and services for students with disabilities or specific learning needs

Computer accounts

Registering for username / email address, additional accounts, eligibility, external charges

also contains subcategories:
[Compliance / misuse]

Email and calendaring

Questions about using email and calendaring clients as well connecting from home or mobile devices.

also contains subcategories:
[Addresses] [Forwarding, autoreplies and filtering] [Other email applications] [Outlook] [Remote and mobile access] [Spam, email abuse] [Webmail for staff and researchers (OWA)] [Webmail for students]


Various aspects of using the World Wide Web such as searching techniques, bookmarking, creating HTML pages, using browsers and plugins

also contains subcategories:
[Browsing] [Creating web pages]

IT Services at Sussex

Details of Sussex-specific aspects of the services available

also contains subcategories:
[Administration] [Computer cluster rooms] [Conferences] [Request Tracker (RT)] [Training] [Using Equipment in General Teaching Space]

Personally owned computers and equipment

Advice and guidance regarding your own equipment, including details of how to connect it to Sussex networks

also contains subcategories:
[Software] [Wi-fi] [Wired internet access]


Details of printing services provided and how to pay for them


Advice, guidance and help with using various software packages

also contains subcategories:
[Databases] [Endnote] [Excel] [Maple] [Matlab] [Microsoft Office] [Powerpoint] [Programming] [Scanning and images] [SPSS]

Saving and storing information

Details of the options available for storing and transferring your files

also contains subcategories:
[Box] [CD and DVD burning] [File management] [G: drive]


Advice, guidance and help with using Microsoft Word word-processing software


Details of the IT Services Unix system and facilities available on it

Viruses, malware and security

Advice on and help with protecting your computer against malicious software

Lecture capture

Corporate Information Systems

also contains subcategories:
[Access] [Business Areas] [Cognos reports] [Oracle Webforms] [People/Person Data] [Sussex Direct]

Updated on 18 March 2014