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What to do when people request access to either Webforms or Oracle

also contains subcategories:
[Database Access] [Study Direct] [Sussex Direct Access] [Web Reports Access]

Business Areas

This is where you find any project-specific FAQs eg RAE

also contains subcategories:
[Associate Tutors] [Courses and Modules] [PCPT] [PG Admissions] [Teaching and Study]

Oracle Webforms

Errors, features, requests for new forms (NB NOT ACCESS TO...)

People/Person Data

Look here for answers when people ask questions about their personal web profile, membership etc

also contains subcategories:
[Group membership/email] [Student] [Web Profile]

Sussex Direct

Look here for answers to the "I can't see x on Sussex Direct", "how can I do yy on SD? questions...

also contains subcategories:
[Event Booking System] [Online Registration] [Student Pages] [Teaching/Convening pages]

Cognos reports

All questions relating to web-based Cognos reports, except granting access (see Access section).

Updated on 10 January 2024