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How do I access materials from Study direct or Matterhorn lecture recordings now that these services have been decommissioned?

Study direct and Matterhorn were decommissioned on 1 September 2020, so their contents are no longer available. 

This document lists the materials that can be retrieved, along with the information we would need from you in order to locate the correct records.


Submissions and feedback where the assessment was managed via Turnitin or Study direct

We only have access to student work where the submission location was an "E-submission".

E-submissions were phased in gradually, and were opened up to modules as follows:

14/15 - Foundation and 1st year UG, a few masters modules

15/16 - Foundation, 1st and 2nd year UG, a few masters modules

16/17 - Available to all UG and Masters modules

17/18 - Available to all UG and Masters modules

18/19 onwards - Study direct was phased out and assessment data is available to relevant staff and students via Canvas 


For current students coming to the end of a 4 year degree programme, it is possible that some of your early submissions were carried out via Study direct using Feedback Studio and you will now need to raise a request for us to provide you with access to this feedback.

Please tell us your name, candidate number, the module and the assessment details and we will try to provide this to you.


Files uploaded as part of a Study direct site from academic year 13/14 onwards:

Please tell us the Module name, the year and as much detail as you can about the file name/s

We may be able to identify the documents you want.

These requests will be managed in our system as low priority requests


Matterhorn lecture recordings

Matterhorn was the University’s lecture recording system from academic years 2012/13 to 2017/18.

If you have linked to a Matterhorn lecture recording (e.g. from Canvas) and wish to recover the recording, then please send us the link as it contains all we need in order to identify and retrieve the recording.

If you do not have the link, then please send us as many of these details as possible:

* the name of the person who made the recording

* the approximate date of the recording

* the teaching space in which the recording was made

* the title that would have been given to the recording when it was made

* the module 

Depending on how much data was provided when the recording was created, we may be able to identify your recording, but cannot guarantee it.

These requests will be managed in our system as low priority requests.


These are the only kinds of content that we can make available from Study direct and Matterhorn.


In order to request us to retrieve your content, please open a support ticket with the IT Service Desk.

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