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Is there an easy way to email everyone?

Emailing large numbers of people is actively discouraged at Sussex. Many people object to receiving what they consider to be "junk mail", though many will have different opinions about what is junk mail. Mass mailings invariably cause annoyance and result in complaints to IT Services.

Mailing lists are collections of email addresses of people collaborating in a particular activity at Sussex, such as:

  • Students studying on the same course;
  • Research staff collaborating on a project;
  • Tutors teaching the same subject;
  • Members of staff in a particular School or Department;
  • Members of a club or USSU society at Sussex.

Some such staff mailing lists are maintained automatically from staff records but are strictly limited in their accessibility.  Others are maintained manually by the mailing lists' administrators (or 'owners'), who also decide how accessible their lists are.

You are encouraged to use mailing lists for messages which are directly related to the purposes of your group. You must not send off-topic messages, or send messages to mailing lists to which you do not belong.

Several alternative ways exist for passing information to large numbers of people. Bulletin boards, social media and web pages hold just one copy of the message in a way which is accessible to everyone.

If you have a genuine need to send a mass-email and the above points do not help, please contact the University's Internal Communications office and explain your requirements.

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