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How can I check that the domain in an email address is correct?

The domain is that part of an email address to the right of the @ symbol.  For example, in the address, is the domain.

Login to the central Unix computer and enter the following commands:

/usr/bin/nslookup (then press Enter)
set type=mx
(then press Enter)
type in the address's domain (then press Enter)

For example, to check if can receive mail, type:

set type=mx

If you see information something like:

no address information available for


No mail exchanger (MX) records available for

It means that that site cannot accept email. 

If you forget to enter set type=mx then you will be told 'no address information', even if can actually accept email.

When you have finished, type:

exit  (then press Enter)

It is not possible to use nslookup to look up the local part, or the personal part of the mail address, that is the part to the left of the @ sign.

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