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How do I find out the email address of someone at Sussex?

Staff can find email addresses by using the Staff Profiles page.  This facility can only be used from computers on the campus network.

If you are using Outlook, you can look up staff in the Global Address List as follows:

  1. In the Home ribbon, click on the Address Book tool to open the Global Address List:

    Outlook 2010 Address Book button

  2. In the Address Book window, click the More columns button:

    Outlook 2010 Address Book window

  3. Enter the name of the person in the box under the Search buttons, then click Go.  You could enter the full name, or the beginning part of a name.  For example, entering Brow in the box will find persons with names starting with Brow, such as Brown.
  4. A list of names matching your search should appear.  One of the columns on display will show the email address (you may need to use the horizontal scroll bar to see it).
  5. To start a new email to that person, click to select their name in the search results, then open the File menu and click on New Message.



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