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Mimecast is holding an email from me - how do I release it?

The email security system (Mimecast) filters emails before they arrive in your inbox. If it thinks something is dangerous, it won’t deliver that email, and instead your email will be ‘held’ until you check that it’s safe.

You will have three options for each held message:

  • You can Block them, removing the message and adding the sender to your personal block list.
  • You can Release them, which will send the message to your inbox but continue to intercept messages from the same sender.
  • You can click Permit, which will deliver the email to your inbox AND mark future messages from this sender as safe.

Held messages will be deleted after 14 days if you don’t release them.

If you make a mistake with any of these options, for example, blocking an email you don’t want blocked or permitting an email you don’t want coming through – email the Service Desk and we can undo these changes for you.

Mimecast is holding an attachment and I can’t release it myself – how do I release it?

Mimecast holds attachments in emails as a precautionary measure in case of malicious files being shared. This is something that cannot be switched off and you will need to email the Service Desk to ask them to release the attachments for you if you require them.

If you do not email the Service Desk for the attachments to be released, they will be automatically deleted after 30 days and will not be retrievable after this period.


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Created by Dominique Sharp on 19 March 2021 and last updated by Steve Eastty on 12 September 2023