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How do I set up and use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on my Sussex Microsoft account

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Adding additional security verification to your account, simply means that the University wants to take some extra steps to ensure that you are who you say you are when signing in to your Office 365 apps such as Outlook (Email), One Drive and anything else in Office 365.

This is done by using a combination of your user name and password and a phone.

It helps to protect your account by making it harder for other people to access it.

The first thing you are going to need to do is complete the enrolment process.

Before we start that process, you’ll need to decide on your preferred authentication channel:

  • Mobile phone call, text or mobile app - If using a mobile phone, choose between receiving a call, a text, or using the mobile app.   We recommend utilising the Mobile App, it tends to be the most convenient and other methods can be intercepted.
  • Mobile app with a notification or verification code - If using the mobile app, choose between receiving a notification that you respond to or a verification code.


  1. If you are logged in to your email account, log out.
  2. Using a web browser, visit
  3. Log into the application using your UoS Logon ID (email address) and password.

Log in to your account

Enter your password

         4. Click on ‘Sign In’

         5. You will be prompt to set up your mobile device to approve authentication.

More information required

        6. Click on ‘Next’

Choosing your Authentication channel

  1. You will see a screen where you can choose your authentication channel
  2. We strongly recommend you use Mobile App as it the safest and most convenient option, rather than office phone.

    Additional security veritification

Selecting the Mobile App Option (Recommended)

If you select the Mobile app option you will have two options:

Receive notifications for verification - This will send you a notification with the option to Deny or Approve the sign-in. It is a single tap process, but there can be a short wait to be approved at the login side.

Use Verification code – This will allow you to enter 6 digits from the app for authentication at each login.

  1. Select whichever option you would prefer.
  2. Click on ‘Set Up’.

Selecting the Authentication Phone option

When selecting this option, you will be asked to choose the method for authenticating your second factor eg. Text Message or Phone call. 

Using your mobile phone as the contact method

  1. Select ‘Authentication Phone’ from the drop-down list.

Using mobile as contact method


        2. Choose your country from the drop-down list, and enter your mobile phone number.

        3. Select the method you would prefer to use with your mobile phone - text or call.

        4. Select ‘Contact me’ to verify your phone number. Depending on the mode you selected,          you will receive a text or phone call.  Follow the instructions provided on the screen, then            select ‘Verify’.

Enter your telephone number as a backup option in case you lose access to the Microsoft authenticator app.

Additional security verification



  1. Choose your country from the drop-down list, and enter your telephone number.
  2. Click on ‘Finished’ on your computer screen.
  3. You will be directed to the next screen
  4. Enter your passcode from the Microsoft Authenticator app
  5. Click ‘Verify’


Enter code


Installing Microsoft Authenticator App

  1. Install the Microsoft Authenticator application on your mobile device:

Microsoft Authenticator for iOS Devices

Microsoft Authenticator for Android Devices

Microsoft Authenticator for Windows Phone or Mobile Devices

        2. Open the app and select ‘add profile’, then ‘work or school account’


Select school account

        3. Allow access to your camera to scan the QR code, or select or enter code manually.

        4. Return to your computer screen

        5. You will see the following screen

Generate code

           6. Using your mobile app scan the QR code displayed on your screen.

           7. You will then see a 6 digit number appear in the app on your mobile device.


Scan the QR code

        8. Click ‘Next’ on your computer screen.


Add an account manually

If you want to add an account to the mobile app manually, instead of using the QR reader

1. Select the Enter account manually button.

2. Enter the code and the URL that are provided on the same page that shows you the barcode. This info goes in the Code and URL boxes on the mobile app.


When the activation has finished, select ‘Contact me’.

This step sends either a notification or a verification code to your phone.

Select ‘Verify’.


Congratulations! You are now enrolled.


Using Multi Factor Authentication

You’ll need to use MFA to be able to access to Office 365 applications, such as Outlook and One Drive.  If you are using VPN to connect then you will NOT need to use MFA. 

  1. Sign in to Office 365 using your email and password as you normally do.
  2. When prompted, choose your preferred authentication factor method to verify your identity
  3. After successful verification, you can access to your applications.

After a period of inactivity you’ll be asked the reauthenticate.


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