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How do I add Skype for Business if I have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 installed?

Skype for Business if Using Office Professional 2016

Please note, you may have an application called Skype on your machine already, Skype for Business is slightly different and recommended for use by staff

  1. From Start menu go to Control Panel,
  2. Select Programs, Uninstall a Program. Once the list has built check to see if the installation shows as Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
  3. Click on Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and confirm you are ok with the program making changes.
  4. Then from the menu bar across the top choose Change
  5. Select Add or Remove Features
  6. Click on Continue
  7. Click on Skype for Business and choose Run from My Computer
  8. Click on Continue
  9. A screen confirming configuration in progress runs (you may be asked to reboot)
  10. Once installed use the Start button to search for Skype for Business
  11. When Skype for Business is installed this way the icon does not appear and needs to be added to your desktop manually
  12. Open File Explorer
    1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16
    2. Click on the file named lync.exe (may show as just Lync with the file type of application)
    3. Right click on that file and select Create Shortcut
    4. At the message "Windows can't create a shortcut here...." click Yes to save to Desktop
  13. Sign in with your Sussex username ie and password


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Created by Sam Elmer on 19 March 2020 and last updated by Sam Elmer on 20 March 2020