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How do I turn on junk mail filters in Outlook 2016

If you're receiving spam or junk email, you can turn on the junk mail filters in the Outlook 2016 desktop application.  The application will try to work out whether each email you receive is a genuine message or an item of junk.  Outlook puts anything it deems to be junk into a Junk E-Mail folder.

Please note: the junk mail filters in Outlook may also filter genuine emails into your Junk E-mail folder.  You will need to check your Junk E-mail folder regularly to ensure that you don't lose genuine emails.  IT Services is usually unable to restore emails lost in this way.

To turn on your junk mail filters in Outlook:


  1. Open Outlook and right click on any email in your list of emails.  You should see a context menu.  Click on Junk and then Junk E-mail options... :

    Turn on junk filters in Outlook

  2. In the Junk Email Options window, select a level of protection that you want.  The higher the level, the more likely that genuine emails will be filtered in your Junk E-mail folder along with spam:

    Junk email options in Outlook

  3. Click Apply and then OK


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Created by Alexander Butler on 14 December 2017 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 14 December 2017