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Can I use a PowerPoint presentation with Adobe Connect?

Considerations for PowerPoint Presentations to be uploaded for use with AdobeConnect

PowerPoint has many features, options, fonts and effects, some of which are not supported by the Adobe Connect conversion that occurs as they are uploaded documents.  *


  1. Do not use page transitions, 3D images / effects / embedded audio and video
  2. Keep the slide master simple and free from hi definition graphics.
    High quality graphics should be compressed. This avoids performance when uploading and with distribution. Large presentations may cause issues for participants with low bandwidth.
  3. Adobe Connect only supports standard Microsoft fonts (If using specific unsupported fonts adobe will try to convert these to Standard fonts and this can also cause issues such as font resizing, adding lines where they were not there before etc)

* Share my screen will allow the presentation to be shown using PowerPoint, however for those using an IT Sevices PC this feature is only available on a Windows laptop.

General information on using AdobeConnect can be found on FAQ 2745

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Created by Sam Elmer on 9 March 2017 and last updated by Sam Elmer on 16 March 2017