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How can I stop email alerts showing for all my the email accounts used in my Outlook profile.

Turn off the alerts for all accounts

  1. Select File,  Options, Mail
  2. Scroll down to Message Arrival and remove the tick from Display a Desktop Altert.
  3. Click on OK

Create the rule for the account where the alert is required

  1. File, Manager Rules and Alerts
  2. Check the Apply changes to this folder is set to the folder/account you want the receive alters from.
  3. Manage Alerts Tab, New Rule
  4. From the Start from a template or from a blank rule dialog box click Next
  5. In the Which condition do you want to check dialog box remove all ticks, and click yes to message about the rule being appied to every message
  6. In the What do you want to do with the message dialog box tick display a Desktop Alert and remove any others. Click Next
  7. On the Are there any exceptions tick just Except through a specified account
  8. In the lower Step 2 area of the screen click on the blue work specified and choose the account you want to receive the alerts and click ok.  You will see that appear in the Step 2 area
  9. Click Next,
  10. Ensure you have a ticket again Turn on this rule and click Finish
  11. Click OK to exit.



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Created by Samantha Jane Elmer on 9 June 2015 and last updated by Richard Byrom-Colburn on 20 October 2016