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My iPhone / iPad device has stopped connecting to eduroam

In the event that your connection to Eduroam stops working on your iPad or iPhone, it can be helpful to ‘flush out’ old settings before attempting a new connection. This is particularly important when you have changed your ITS password, as sometimes the device will keep sending the old, invalid authentication details to the server, but won’t prompt you to type in your new password. The result is that the device keeps failing to reconnect, without it being obvious why there is an issue.


forget network

Older versions of iOS: On devices running iOS up to version 6, you can choose to ‘forget’ the existing, problematic network settings by clicking the small encircled ‘i’ button next to eduroam in settings > Wi-Fi, and selecting ‘forget this network’.

When you then initiate a new connection with eduroam, you’ll be asked for your username (remember to use the the format and password again, and may be asked to confirm acceptance of the security certificate.

iOS 7: In more recent versions of iOS, older, sometimes incorrect network settings are retained in a file called a ‘profile’, which as an additional step, you must delete to before attempting a new network connection.
profiles 1) First navigate to the general menu from settings. Scroll down and select 'Profiles'.
profiles 2) In the profiles menu, you should see an existing entry for eduroam. Select this option.
profiles remove 3) Click the 'Remove' button and confirm this action.

 After you have done this, next time you attempt to connect to eduroam, you will be re-prompted to enter your username and password (remember to use the the format, and will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the Sussex University network certificate.

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Created by Tom Stanton on 17 July 2014 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 25 June 2018