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I am receiving duplicate copies of my forwarded email.

This problem almost certainly applies only to staff and researchers using the Exchange mail system at Sussex but who are forwarding their email to an external email address.

The most likely reason for receiving duplicate copies is that you have forwarding set up in two places on the Sussex system, probably as a result of using a now-obsolete method for setting up staff email forwarding.

Firstly, you probably have forwarding set up on the mail gateway (which handles email from external sources and from students), but which also delivers a copy to your Sussex mailbox on the Exchange mail system.

You probably also have forwarding set up on the Exchange mail system itself. This is independent of that on the mail gateway, so the copies of emails that are delivered on from the mail gateway to Exchange by the forward-and-keep arrangement, are themselves being forwarded, thus resulting in the duplicate copies.

The method of setting up forwarding (for staff and researchers) changed in the summer of 2013, and the most likely scenario is that you had set up forwarding using the old method (now used only by undergraduates and other persons whose email is not hosted on the Exchange system), before the new method was introduced. This will explain why you're getting two copies.

You need to cancel your mail gateway forwarding by using the method described in FAQ 500  (ignore the note about staff and researchers).

This will leave only your Exchange-based forwarding in place, and therefore only a single copy would now be forwarded.

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Created by Andy Clews on 28 October 2013 and last updated by Richard Byrom-Colburn on 29 September 2016