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How to capture addresses into your Contacts with Outlook Web App (OWA)

You may wish to store the name, email address and other details for someone who has emailed you, in your Contacts.  You can do this directly from their message in OWA, like this:

  1. Double-click on the required message to open it in its own window:

    OWA double click message

  2. With the message now on display, right-click on the sender address:

    OWA right-click sender

  3. Click on Add to Contacts... in the drop-down menu:

    OWA Add to Contacts

  4. In the Contact window, enter the name and any other details as required for the person, then click on Save and Close (note that the email address will already have been entered for you):

    OWA enter contact details

  5. The newly-captured contact will have been stored in your main Contacts folder. If you want it stored in another folder, first open the Contacts section by clicking on the link at the bottom left of the OWA window:

    OWA Contacts

  6. Open the main Contacts folder (if not already open), then drag-and-drop the new contact to the required folder (in our example the folder is called friends2):

    OWA drag contact to folder

  7. Outlook 2010 uses a very similar method, but you do not need to double-click the message if you have it on preview.   In the preview, right-click on the message sender, and choose Add to Outlook Contacts... from the drop-down menu.   Then the rest of the procedure is almost identical to that given above.

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