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What is the difference between standard OWA and OWA Light?

The standard version of Outlook Web App (OWA) provides similar functionality to the desktop Outlook application, but on a web-based interface accessible from any location.

OWA Light is based on an older, more primitive version of OWA. It is designed for use with older versions of web browsers or those which are not compatible with the features of standard OWA.  One of the main differences is that OWA Light does not have the Inbox Rules functions that are part of standard OWA, and therefore OWA Light cannot be used to set up filtering options or forwarding.

Normally if you want to use OWA Light you have to choose it specifically, before you login to webmail on the Sussex website.  However, you may be connected to OWA Light automatically, if incompatible browser features are detected.

If you're not sure which version you're using, the images below will help identify them because their respective appearance is quite distinct.

The top left of the main page of standard OWA looks something like this:

OWA standard

The top left of the main page of OWA Light looks something like this:

OWA Light

 IT Services provide a Guide to standard Outlook Web App.

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