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The mailing list information footer is missing from some of the postings sent to my Sussex mailing list.

The footer is a piece of information added automatically by Mailman to the end of a message sent through a mailing list.   The footer provides information to the recipients about the mailing list, including how to unsubscribe from it should they wish to.

For example:

Mailman message footer example

The footer is set up using the msg_footer option in the Non-digest options section of the mailing list's admin page, as seen below, which shows the standard footer applied to all new mailing lists:

Mailman message footer option

Messages sent through voluntary-membership mailing lists are required by law to provide information to allow members to unsubscribe, so we strongly recommend that you leave the unsubscribe information unchanged in order to comply with the law.

Sometimes however, the footer appears to be missing from messages.  However, our tests have shown that Mailman always attaches the footer to messages, but whether or not it is immediately visible is dependent on the email application being used to read the email.

When viewed with Outlook, plain text messages without attachments should show the footer as normal. In others (such as HTML-format messages, with or without attachments), Outlook shows the presence of an extra attachment called "ATT00001.txt", and if you click to view that, you'll see the text of the footer. In other applications, this may be shown immediately below the message text, with the footer text visible.

So, the presence or apparent absence of the message footer for any mailing list seems to be entirely controlled by individual modes of use, which are of course beyond the influence of IT Services.

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Created by Andy Clews on 28 February 2013 and last updated by Richard Byrom-Colburn on 29 September 2016