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Why is ArcGIS running slowly?

There is a bug in the current version of ArcGIS that causes very slow performance when it is used on corporate networks such as the one at Sussex. The makers of the software are aware of this issue but it may be some time before it is resolved.

In the meantime, you can speed up the performance of ArcGIS considerably by working on files on the local C:drive of the computer you are using and then copying them back to your N:drive when you have finished.

For example, if you are working on a new map:

  • click the folder icon next to the Default geodatabase for this map box
  • click Connect to folder and browse to Computer and then C:\Temp\ 
  • click Make new folder and call it something memorable such as ArcGIS Maps
  • choose the folder and click OK
  • the Look in box should now contain the folder you just created so click New File Geodatabase and then select your geodatabase

After this you can work on your map as normal and then, when you've finished working on it:

  • copy the folder you created (e.g. C:\Temp\ArcGIS Maps) to your N:drive

The next time you need to work on the map, simply copy the files back to C:\Temp, then open ArcGIS - you will then be able to open your map to continue working.

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Created by David Guest on 17 August 2012 and last updated by Mark Wilson on 8 August 2016