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How can I track the progress of an email on the Exchange system?

This article applies only to Staff and DPhil Students, whose email is hosted on the Exchange system.

Outlook Web App (OWA) provides a facility to obtain delivery reports of email sent by you or sent to you.  You just need to provide the email address to which you had sent an email, or from which you were expecting email.

Follow these instructions after you have logged in to OWA:

  1. Click on Options at the top right of the window, then click on See All Options:
    OWA Options
  2. Click on Organize E-Mail in the list of options on the left:
    OWA Options - Organize Email
  3. Click on Delivery Reports to open the search dialogue:
    OWA Delivery report option
  4. You now have a choice of three search criteria:
    • Search for messages I've sent to
    • Search for messages that were sent to me from
    • (combined with either of the above) Search for these words in the subject line

    Then click the Select users... or Select a user... button (now highlighted) next to your choice:
    OWA Delivery report selection

  5. Now you can select the required address from your Contacts lists, then click to select the required address. In the example below, we've selected the address from the project contacts folder:
    OWA Delivery report selection
  6. Click the To-> or Select-> link, and the selected address will appear in the Message recipients box.  Then click OK:
    OWA Delivery report selection
  7. You'll see the selected address shown in the appropriate Search box:
    OWA Delivery report selection
  8. Finally, click the Search button to start the search:
    OWA Delivery report search

A list of matching items should then be shown in a window of its own.  Double-click on any of the items to see a delivery report for that item. If the item was an e-mail sent to an external email address, the last line of the report will probably say The message was successfully handed off to a different e-mail system. This is as far as we can track it. Click the Close button to close the window.

Click on My Mail to return to your email in OWA.


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