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What do the additional options mean when logging in to Sussex Webmail?

Additional options panel on the webmail login screen

When you login to webmail, you can just type in your username and password and press enter, but there are also additional login options which you can use if you wish.

Specify which service to use
There are currently two email systems in use at Sussex: one for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students and the other for staff and researchers. If you just enter your login details and press enter, the page does its best to redirect you automatically to the right system, but if you want to, you can specify which service you want to use.

Outlook Web App options
Members of staff or research postgraduates use the Outlook Web App (OWA) to read email online. The login for OWA allows you to specify some additional options.

If you use the standard login, you will be automatically logged out after about ten minutes of inactivity. This is useful if you are in a public place and forget to sign out, but can be irritating - so you can tick the box if you're using a private computer to stay logged in for longer (several hours).

There is also a "light" version of OWA which is designed for computers which cannot support all of the features of the main webmail service. You are redirected to the light version automatically if OWA detects that your browser falls into this category, but you can also use this box to specify the light version if you prefer it.

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