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Using Outlook how can I look someone up by their Surname?

Global Address List

When sending an email from Outlook there are two ways to find an address.

  • Type the first part of the first name or surname, then click the Check Names button.


  • Click on the To button, when you will be shown the Global Address List (GAL), then follow the instructions below. 

 Searching by first name or full name:

  1. The standard setup is for the GAL to open with the Name only option selected. The Name only search will allow you to type in a person's first name or their full name.
  2. Start typing the name (starting with the first name, such as Ann) and the list will update, showing you the names which match.
  3. Click on the name you want in the list of displayed names.
  4. Click on To->, Cc->, or Bcc-> to insert the address into one of those boxes.
  5. Click OK to close the GAL dialogue box.

Searching by Surname or other criteria:

  1. Instead of using the Name only option, click the More columns option button.
  2. Type part or all of the name, email address or username, then click the Go button (note that with this option the list does not update automatically as you type).

Outlook GAL - More Columns


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