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How do I set auto accept for the locations for which I am the delegate?

If you are using Outlook 2010, you can change the resource scheduling behaviour in the Options panel:

  1. In Outlook choose File > Options
  2. Click Calendar Options...
  3. Click the Resource Scheduling button

In the Resource Scheduling window tick the options that you would like to apply to the locations you manage.

Resource Scheduling

This facility is no longer included in Outlook 2013, but you can change the behaviour of a resource in the Outlook Web App:

  1. Login to the Outlook Web App with the resource's username and password
  2. Click on Options in the top right and then See all options...
  3. Click on Settings and then Calendar
  4. Choose the options you want under Automatic Processing

Screenshot of automatic processing settings in OWA

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Created by Sandy Radford on 15 May 2011 and last updated by David Guest on 1 September 2014