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Direct delivery of email into folders using the Inbox Rules tool in Outlook Web App

This article describes how to set up a rule in Outlook Web App (OWA), with Microsoft Exchange, to direct incoming email (sent to a specific email address that delivers to your account) into a named folder in your account.  The email address must already exist as a 'friendly address' for your account or a mail alias that already delivers to your account: you cannot 'invent' your own addresses.

This article acts as a replacement for the use of "plus addressing" for Mulberry as described in FAQ 1650.  This is because the plus-addressing facility is not supported by Microsoft Exchange.


Let's suppose you have a mail alias, that delivers to your account, and that you want to store this email in a folder called tea-club-enquiries.  In the instructions below, replace these names with those used in your own circumstances.

  1. In OWA, click on Options at the top right of the display:

    OWA Options
  2. Click on Create an Inbox Rule...:

  3. Click on New... in the Inbox Rules panel:

  4. Click on the selector arrow in the When the message arrives selector box:

  5. Now click on It was sent to... in the selection list:

  6. Now enter the required email address in the To: box in the Message recipients panel (our example here is Then click OK:

  7. Click on the selector arrow in the Do the following selector box:

  8. Click on Move the message to folder... in the selection list:

  9. Now select the folder you want to store the delivered messages.  If the folder doesn't exist yet, click on your name at the top of your folder list (next to the icon) then click the New Folder button:

  10. Now enter the name of your new folder (tea-club-enquiries in our example). Then click OK:

  11. Now you should see the completed rule, with the selected email address and folder name shown. Now click the Save button:

  12. You may see a warning telling you that this new rule will delete unused ones you may have created in Outlook.  Click the Yes button:

  13. Now you can return to your main email display by clicking on My Mail at the top right of the OWA window:

  14. Verify the operation of the inbox rule by sending an email (preferably from another account) to the mail alias associated with it, and check to see the message arrives in the associated folder.

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Created by Andy Clews on 4 March 2011 and last updated by Richard Byrom-Colburn on 21 October 2016