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I have a Mac and am using a wi-fi or wired access - how can I stop other Mac users on the network seeing my files?

If you are connected to a network whilst using a computer running Mac OS X, you'll need to make sure that the file sharing is setting is switched off to prevent others on the network having access to any public or shared folders on your computer. To do so:

  • Click System Preferences from the apple menu
  • Under the Internet & Network heading, click Sharing
  • In the Sharing window you will see a list of services in the left hand pane:

Mac OS X Personal File Sharing 

  • Make sure File Sharing or Personal File Sharing (depending upon the version of OS X) is not ticked.
  • Close the Sharing window.

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Created by Chris Limb on 30 September 2009 and last updated by Mark Wilson on 25 August 2016