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How do I audio-record a lecture or seminar(for podcasting) if teaching in a non-enabled room?

If you simply want to audio-record content for podcasting in a non-enabled seminar room,  portable mp3 recorders can be loaned from the ITS Service Desk.  Please bring your Library card.

The recorder will capture the audio content you deliver in your teaching (but not necessarily any group discussion). You can then upload the mp3 files to your Study Direct course site via the USB cable, ready for podcasting or download by your students.

Alternatively if you want to make a bespoke recording - for example a five-minute preview of your module - you can use any screen capture or video software and upload the recording into your Study direct site through a new media upload option on the web editor in Study direct. 

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Created by Chris Limb on 24 April 2009 and last updated by David Guest on 26 July 2016