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I am the administrator of a mailing list but I also want to be a moderator.

The administrator and moderator email addresses are specified in the General Options page of your mailing list's admin website.

If you are an administrator or 'owner' of a list (that is, your email address is shown in the list administrator box in the General Options page), but there are no moderators (that is, the list moderator box is empty), then you are automatically also a moderator.   This means that you will receive notifications from Mailman about any emails sent to your mailing list that need moderator approval.   These notifications provide a link to the moderator requests page of your mailing list, but in order to access that page using the link, you will need to know the moderator's password for your list (this is separate from the list administrator's password).

If you are an administrator of a mailing list but you do not have a moderator's password for that list, instead of using the notification link, you can access the moderator requests page just by using your browser to access the list's main admin page (which needs the administrator password), and then clicking on the Tend to pending moderator requests link.

If another person's email address is given in the list moderator box, then that person only will be sent message approval requests instead, and as list administrator you will not receive them.    If you want to act as a co-moderator with another person then you must add your email address to the list moderator box, so that it appears in both the list administrator and list moderator boxes.   That will ensure that you will also be sent message approval requests. If you do this, make sure you click on the 'Submit Your Changes' button button so that the change will take effect.

If you are a co-administrator of a mailing list but you want to be the only moderator for the list, add your address but not that of your co-administrator to the list moderator box.


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Created by Andy Clews on 7 January 2009 and last updated by Richard Byrom-Colburn on 29 September 2016