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Can visitors to the University use computing facilities or connect to the campus wifi network?

Visitors who wish to use Wi-Fi on their own equipment
Visitors to Sussex can use the free O2 Wi-Fi network

Visitors from academic institutions using eduroam
Sussex belongs to eduroam (UK), so visitors from other universities who have eduroam (UK) can connect their portable devices to the "eduroam" wireless service at Sussex, and do not need to get a separate Sussex computing account.  Visitors must have set up their laptop computers for "eduroam" at their home institution before they come to Sussex. For further information see

Visitors based at Sussex for more than a few days
All other visitors to the university who need to use computing facilities (other than wifi on their own devices) may apply for a Sussex computing account.

To obtain a computing account, the School Administrator of the School they are visiting, (or Human Resources if they are an "official visitor") must first register them as a visitor to their School in the central staff admin database.

Once this has been done, then the visitor can come to the IT Service Desk in Shawcross to collect their computing account details.

Short-term visits
If a member of staff needs a temporary account for a visitor or guest lecturer then they should contact the IT Service Desk giving at least 3 days notice:

Conference delegates
There are separate arrangements for conference delegates, who should contact SPACE conference Services:

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