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I am the owner (administrator) of a Sussex mailing list but it won't accept my emails.

As a mailing list owner/administrator, you have the ability to make changes to a list's membership, and you can also change the list's configuration.

Being the owner, however, does not mean that you can send email to the list.   This is true of mailing lists which are moderated or have restricted membership or restricted posting rights such as private, open broadcast and private broadcast lists.   See the explanation of list types for further information.

Before you can post to your own restricted mailing list you must be

  • an authorised non-member of the mailing list, OR
  • subscribed to the list as an unmoderated member.

The administrator (owner) or the moderator of a mailing list does not count as a member of the mailing list unless they are subscribed to the list.

NOTE:  New mailing lists are normally set up so that the original list owner (that is, the first owner of a new list at the time it is created) can email the list, but you should still check (for example, the original owner may have changed), using the instructions below.

How to make yourself an authorised non-member:

To enable yourself to post to your list without being a subscribed member, go to your list's Admin page, choose the Privacy Options section and then the Sender Filters section.   Half way down this page you will find a box labelled "List of non-member addresses whose postings should be automatically accepted".    Enter your official Sussex email address in the box and then click the 'Submit Your Changes' button button for the change to take effect.

How to subscribe yourself as an unmoderated list member:

If you are not already subscribed to your list and want to be a subscriber, go to your list's Admin page and choose the Membership Management option.  Then choose the Mass Subscription option. Enter your official email address in the box provided, then click the 'Submit Your Changes' button button at the foot of the page.  Then follow the instructions in the paragraph below.

If you are already subscribed as a list member:

If you are subscribed to your list, you need to make sure you are unmoderated.  In your list's Admin page, choose the Membership Management option.  In the list of members, there is a column labelled mod just to the right of the member address column.   Find your address on the list and then remove the checkmark from the mod box by clicking on it.  Then click the 'Submit Your Changes' button button to confirm this change.

If you wish, you can make yourself a list member (unmoderated as described above) but without receiving any emails from the list.  To set this up, go to the Membership Managament section as above,  then find your address in the membership list, then click the nomail [reason] box in the row for your address.  Then click the  'Submit Your Changes' button button.  This will allow you to post to the list but you will not be sent emails from the list.


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