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Can I use Skype?

If you are living on campus (or off campus in King's Road) then you can download and use skype over the eduroam network, but you MUST set up and patch your computer correctly. If you do not then you will be banned from using the wired access connection until you are fully patched.

The following instructions will ensure a correct setup.

Setting up Skype on a Windows PC

Download skype from

  • Select Download from the menu bar
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install it
  • Once installed go to the Options window ensure that Start Skype when I start Windows is unticked
  • Click the Save button

Before you begin using Skype you must download a patch for your PC so that you do not become a super node.  (See FAQ 2694 for an explanation of super node). To download it right-click on the following link:

If you are given the option to Run the download directly then click Run; otherwise click Save link as...  (taking note of where the file is saved). Once saved, double-click on the file NoSuperNode.reg to Run it.

Downloading and using Skype on a Mac

Installing Skype on a Mac is slightly easier as it is not necessary to download the supernode patch.

  • Download the Mac OS version of Skype from
  • Double-click Skype in the downloads window of your browser
  • On the pop-up window, drag the Skype icon across to your applications folder
  • Eject the Skype volume by dragging its icon on your desktop to the trash section of the dock

You can then open Skype from the applications folder as with any other application.

Installing Skype on a staff PC

If you're a member of staff and would like to install Skype on your a staff Windows 7 PC, you can:

  • from the Start menu, choose All programs and then Install Applications
  • find Skype in the list of available software
  • click on it and then click the Install button


Other devices

Mobile devices and other operating systems not mentioned on this page do not require the patch and can be used on the campus without modification.

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