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University of Sussex Pension and Assurance Scheme

Find out about the University of Sussex Pension and Assurance Scheme (USPAS) and who this pension is for.

About this pension scheme

USPAS is the pension scheme for long-serving members of professional services staff on grades 1-6.

This scheme closed to new members in 2009.

The Scheme is provided by the University and is run by a Trustee Board comprising Scheme members and University-appointed staff.

How it works

Members already in the Scheme pay 9% of their salary.

The benefits of being in the Scheme are:

  • a guaranteed pension and optional cash lump sum at retirement
  • valuable life assurance benefits for a member’s beneficiaries in the event of their death
  • a pension for a member’s dependents
  • a pension if a member cannot continue in their role due to ill health.

Other schemes

If you’re new to Sussex you can join one of these two pension schemes, depending on your role:

Member guide

If you’re an existing USPAS member, you should have a member guide as well as addendum documents relating to the original guide.

If you need these documents again, we can email you a digital copy. Contact the Pensions Team:


If you have a question relating to USPAS, or need support, email the Pensions Team: