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Visa fee reimbursement

Find out about visa fee reimbursement, and answers to frequently asked questions

The University offers a visa fee reimbursement scheme for all employees who incur visa costs. In specific circumstances, employees' family members can also be covered by the scheme. 

Reimbursement for visa fees are claimed and processed separately to relocation fees. Please see our relocation policy and claim forms for further information.

Frequently asked questions

Who can claim reimbursement for visa costs?

Any staff member with a substantive post holding can claim back visa costs. There is no restriction on grade or length of service. However, please see the answers below about repaying expenses on leaving the University.

What types of visa are covered?

Any visa which the staff member requires in order to carry out their role here in the UK. This includes Indefinite Leave to Remain/Settlement (for the employee only), but does not include Student visas.

What fees are included in the reimbursement?

Reimbursement is limited to the cost of the visa application fee, and the Immigration Health Surcharge. Fees for priority services or specialist legal advice are not included.

Can dependants be included in the reimbursement?

If the staff member holds a Tier 2/Skilled Worker visa, and their family members apply for PBS Dependant visas, these can be included in the reimbursement. Dependants on any other type of visa are not included. If applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain/Settlement, family members cannot be included in the reimbursement.

Is there a deadline for claiming reimbursement?

Claims must be made within 14 months of the expense being incurred.

Am I required to repay the expenses if I leave the University?

If you resign or are dismissed from your role for any reason other than redundancy/end of fixed-term contract within three years of submitting the visa expense claim, you will be required to repay at the following rates: 100% if leaving within the first year, 50% within the second year, or 25% within the third year.

Are visa expenses subject to tax?

All claims relating to visas and associated fees are subject to deductions for both tax and National Insurance.