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Visitor and Honorary appointment process

Process to appoint a Visitor, Associate Faculty or Honorary Fellow

  1. Head of School to approve the appointment. Emeritus appointments are still administered using the Emeritus form and sent to HR. Visitors and Honorary title request form [DOC 47.5KB]

  2. School to choose appropriate title from the guidance document. Pay careful attention to the Visitor Guideline Document for each appointment title.  Only titles in the guidelines are permitted.

  3. School to issue template letter to the Visitor.

  4. Eligibility to visit the University - including identity check via passports and visas:

  5. Visitors not coming to campus - ask the Visitor to send a scanned copy of their passport to you by email and then a video call should be arranged to see the visitor with their passport to confirm it is a true likeness.  The scanned passport should be stored by the School until the visit ends, with a note to say when the video call was made and who by.
  6. Visitors coming to campus - the original passport must to be seen and a copy stored as above. 

  7. If the Visitor is not a UK or Irish national please refer the 'Appointing Vistors from Oversea's - Schools guidance document below. 

  8. Contact your HR Business Services Coordinator via email confirming that an identity check has been carried out and that the visitor name should be placed in the Visitor group on CMS with the appropriate title and dates. Please also include the visitors DoB just in case they have been associated with the University in the past and we can match up their person code.
  9. The CMS system will update overnight and the visitor will then be able to contact the IT department to arrange collection of their passwords to access their University email account.

  10. If the visit is extended or ends early, please email the HR department so that the Visitor group on CMS can be updated.
Visitor and honorary template letter

Visitor Template Letter [DOCX 26.30KB]

Visitor Template Letter (BSMS Only) [DOCX 27.76KB]

Visitor Extension Template Letter [DOCX 25.97KB]

Visitor and Honorary guideline document

Visitor appointment guidelines [PDF 192.48KB]

Appointing a Visitor from Overseas - Schools Guidance [PDF 333.53KB]