School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

Computer-based exams: guidance & support

Be prepared

You are strongly encouraged to familiarise yourself with the process detailed below, including knowing what to do if you encounter a problem during the exam. (See table below). There is a video explaining how to take a computer-based examHere are some instructions for a suggested scanning app. MS Lens instructions [PDF 1.04MB]

When and where

Your exam timetable is displayed in Sussex Direct. The timetable will display the start time of the exam (UK time). All students are required to begin the exam at the published start time. Computer-based exams are conducted using the quiz tool in the module's Canvas site and can be accessed in the quizzes section and in the assignments section.

You will have a single session of two hours and 30 minutes duration to access the exam paper, write your answers on A4 paper and then scan and upload your answers as a single PDF fileFor exams requiring text only answers, it is permitted to type your answers. It is expected that you should spend two hours answering the questions and allow 30 minutes for scanning and uploading. Be sure to allow enough time for the file to upload. A submission started in the last few minutes may not upload successfully. You will be able to check your file upload before the end of the exam window but not afterwards.

You must:

  • Include your candidate number at the top of each page
  • Name your PDF file as follows: candidate number_module name
  • Submit a single PDF file containing all your answer pages
  • Save your file to your University OneDrive account as a back-up

Extra time 

If you have extra time due to Reasonable Adjustments, this has been added to your computer-based exam on Canvas. Your additional time is calculated as a percentage of the duration permitted for taking the assessment (two hours) and not the time allowed for scanning and uploading your work. There is information about eligibility for Reasonable Adjustments here:

Problems during exam


What to do

What happens next

Possible error in exam question paper

Email the module convenor. See exam instructions for their contact details

Continue until you receive a response. Module convenor will put announcement on Canvas with further instructions as necessary

Feeling unwell or technical issue during exam

If you are unable to complete the exam, make an Exceptional Circumstances claim

An upheld claim will permit you a further uncapped attempt in August. (Summer assessment period: see term dates)

Uploaded wrong file

If still within the exam time, you can re-submit, otherwise follow instructions below.

Check your file upload. Note that only the last submission will be marked. You do not need to contact us about this.

Cannot upload file

1. save your file to your University OneDrive account.

2. email your work to the Engineering and Informatics Online Exam Support inbox:

Your email must include your OneDrive link as we will need to check when your file was last modified.

If the date and timestamp of your file can be verified, your work will be marked. Exam support staff will be in touch by email to update you.

Note that this may take a few days.

You do not need to make an Exceptional Circumstances claim.


Academic Integrity Statement

You may access online materials, notes etc. during computer-based exams and multiple choice questions.  You must complete your assessments on your own and in your own words. By submitting, you confirm that your assessment includes no instances of academic misconduct, for example plagiarism or collusion.  Any instance of academic misconduct will be thoroughly investigated in accordance with our academic misconduct regulations.

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