Academic Quality and Partnerships

Suitability for professional practice policy

The University has a duty to ensure that a student is ‘suitable for professional practice’, where the course includes practical training in a professional role and the award of a degree from the University enables a student to register with an associated Professional and/or Statutory Body (PSB).

This University policy and procedure is designed to ensure that there are appropriate processes in place to consider any issues that arise across the University related to a student’s suitability to practice in a professional setting. Such a policy and procedure will be required by Professional and/or Statutory Bodies (PSBs) associated with courses provided by the University. Some Schools have their own procedure in place that meets the requirements of the relevant PSB. This Suitability for professional practice policy and procedure (2020-21) [PDF 349.34KB] is designed for Schools that own courses that are, or will be, accredited by a PSB, where a School policy is not in place.