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Temporary Withdrawal

Undergraduate students may temporarily withdraw from study at any time prior to the end of week 11 of Semester 2. Postgraduate students may temporarily withdraw from study at any time before 30th June.

Students considering temporary withdrawal should contact the Student Centre to discuss their circumstances. In some cases support may be available to help a student continue their studies. Students takng temporary withdrawal must complete Section A of the Temporary withdrawal notification form 2022/23 [DOCX 59.83KB] with a Student Advisor. Guidance on how to complete the form and who should complete each section is contained within the form. These Temporary withdrawal process - guidance for students [DOCX 26.25KB] notes are also contained within the form. 

If a student has outstanding assessments to complete on or before their return to study, Schools may wish to use the Template Record of Outstanding Assessments for TWD students [XLSX 12.44KB] to record these. Schools may also wish to use the Template Text for TWD Contact Points [DOCX 15.90KB] when contacting the student.

The student decides when to initiate a period of temporary withdrawal, within the above deadlines, but the Progression and Award Board (PAB) determines the return to study date and any retrieval opportunities for assessments that have been missed/failed.  Any Resit or Sit for a missed/failed assessment will be scheduled in the relevant resit assessment period for the module.  The PAB will consider the student's academic performance to date and the number of credits achieved. For undergraduate students re-entry can be at the start of Semester 1 or Semester 2. Postgraduate re-entry can be at the start of Semester 1 or Semester 2 or at the beginning of the Semester 2 assessment period to start or continue with the dissertation/project.

The Temporary withdrawal flowchart [DOCX 36.30KB] shows the decision making process of the PAB for students on temporary withdrawal.

For details on the regulations please see 'Permanent and Temporary Withdrawal' in the Examination and Assessment Regulations available at Academic Quality and Partnerships