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PGCertHE observation of teaching

The second module on the course develops teaching practice through observation of teaching. As part of the assessment for the module, participants are required to engage with four peer observations of teaching; two of them teaching and two of them observing others.

Participants should observe and be observed by colleagues recognised for their experience in HE teaching and learning. Course participants can approach any colleagues who their Head of School, Head of Department, Director of Teaching and Learning, or mentor, identifies to them as being appropriate in terms of professional standing in HE Teaching and Learning. This may include colleagues who have already achieved a PGCertHE, HEA Fellowship, or an institutional or national teaching award, as well as those otherwise identified for excellence in HE Teaching and Learning.

Observations of teaching should normally be carried out whilst participants are enrolled on the second module of the course. However, where participants have limited or no teaching between January and September, observations of their teaching can be undertaken in the term before or after this subject to negotiation with the course leader. 

Observations should be documented using the PGCertHE observation forms. Peer observation at Sussex is linked to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and details can be found in the Peer observation of teaching policy.

Additional guidance about peer observation to support teaching staff at Sussex can be found in the University's Teaching and Learning Toolkit