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Bullying is something which is too often thought of as only happening to younger people and is associated with the school environment, but is something that can affect anyone at any age in any setting and University is no exception. Experiencing bullying while at University can have a significant impact on your time as a student. Any form of bullying is entirely unacceptable and the University strives to make the Sussex community one which is free from bullying and harassment. You can find out more on the University's Planning, Govenance and Compliance web pages

If you are being bullied by a fellow student, initially you may wish to report what is happening to a Student Life Advisor or to an advisor in the Student Union's Support and Advocacy team who can discuss your options with you. If you feel that you are under threat at any point from someone who is bullying or harassing you, particularly if they are threatening violence or appear to be stalking you, it is always advisable to report this to the police so that they can take action to protect you. You can report behaviours such as bullying and harassment, and find sources of support, using our Report + Support tool

There are also many external organisations who work to support those who are being bullied;

Cyber bullying

Not all bullying happens in person and online or ‘cyber’ bullying can be just as upsetting and make you feel unsafe. provide advice to people who are experiencing any kind of online bullying. It is advisable to take screen shots of any abuse so that if you decide at any point to report what has happened to the police and/or the University’s Student Discipline Procedure (if the bully is a fellow student), you will have evidence.

Homophobic, racist, sexist or ablest bullying

If the bullying you are experiencing is discriminatory in any way, not only do you have access to the support detailed above, but you may also want to get in touch with someone from one of the following groups within the Students’ Union:

  • LGBTQ safety forum face book page
  • African & Caribbean Society (ACS) – a society which brings students together to celebrate African and Caribbean culture. There is also a Welfare Officer within the society who can provide support to students.
  • Women’s Group - a women only group within the Students’ Union for female students to provide each other with peer-led support and discuss issues of gender together.
  • List of other societies can be found here.