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Local travel information


  • Brighton & Hove Streamline: 01273 202020 (set price for campus to central Brighton).
  • Brighton & Hove Radio Cabs: 01273 204060 (ten per cent off all fares with NUS card).

Take Care Taxis

Found yourself out in Brighton with no cash? Feel unsafe and have no money to get home? SU have teamed up with Brighton & Hove Radio cabs to provide a service which means you can get home safely without any money, as long as you have your Sussex student card.

All you need to do is:

  1. Call Brighton & Hove Radio cabs on 01273 204060 and let them know you want to use the Take Care scheme, giving your name. Arrange a safe meeting point with the driver
  2. When the taxi arrives, hand your Sussex student ID card to the driver who will check the booking details and note down your full name and registration number
  3. When you arrive home, you will be given a receipt detailing the fare incurred
  4. Brighton & Hove Radio cabs will email the Reception at the Students’ Union with the details of all students who have used the system so that we can contact you to confirm all is well
  5. Visit the Falmer House Reception at the Students’ Union and pay the price of the taxi fare


  • Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company
    University services – 23, 25 and N25 – apps available to download. Night bus N25 from central Brighton to campus from midnight onwards at ten minute intervals. Special saver deal for local students.
  • The Big Lemon bus company
    University service – 44 until 11pm.


  • Train timetable
    Last train from Brighton main station everyday – just after 11.30pm.
    Young person’s rail card – 1/3rd off travel.