Health and Wellbeing

Workshops on Campus

Counselling Service workshops

Our University Counselling Service regularly run workshops and courses addressing common student wellbieng issues including insomnia and panic. See counselling workshops.

Winning With Failure workshop

In this workshop we look at mindset around success and failure and how we can choose thoughts, feeling and actions that benefit us most. With creative, fun and thoughtful activities, we explore our thoughts and self-image to deepen understanding of how we can develop resilience to failure. The workshop offers practical skills for everyday life and supports wellbeing. Run by Kate from Energize Extraordinary You.

No need to book - just come along (you only need to come to one workshop)

Dates are yet to be confirmed.

Manage your worry and anxiety – Student Wellbeing Workshop

These workshops are designed to help you ‘Manage your worry and anxiety’, in partnership with the Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service and the University of Brighton.

All students are likely to have feelings of anxiety and stress at some stage during their time at university. This session will teach you ways to manage your anxiety, and help you make the most of your time as a student.

These workshops are open to all University of Sussex and University of Brighton students and will run on the following three occasions (you only need to attend one workshop):

Dates are yet to be confirmed.

About Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service

The Brighton & Hove NHS Wellbeing Service offers a variety of support and psychological therapies for Children and Young People and Adults. Find out more.

REDS Healthy Relationships workshops

Understanding the boundaries of healthy relationships is key to having an enjoyable and safe time at university, and all students are invited to attend one of our REDS Healthy Relationships workshops.

The REDS Healthy Relationships workshop has been developed in partnership with Sussex students and will be delivered by postgraduate student trainers who already have experience in this area.

During the two-hour session you'll think about different types of relationships including romantic relationships, sexual relationships and friendships. It’s designed to be interactive, engaging and to promote discussion and learning between students.

By the end of the workshop we hope to:

  • increase your understanding of healthy relationships and consent
  • increase your understanding of unhealthy relationships including sexual/domestic violence and abuse
  • make you more aware of how to find help and support
  • identify steps we can all take to help build a positive culture on campus and in our community.

Find out more and book your place on a REDS Healthy Relationships workshop.

Look After Your Mate workshops 

We regularly deliver the Student Minds Look After Your Mate workshop here at Sussex.

The workshop gives students the skills to offer support to friends. It's important to try to be as kind and supportive to others as we can, but if you’re worried about a friend make sure you let a Residential Life Manager or someone in the Student Life Centre know. If you are very concerned about a friend then please read our guidance on& Looking Out For A Friend or visit our urgent help pages. Remember - it’s not your responsibility to fix their problems, but you can help them find support.

The Look After Your Mate workshop covers the following:

  • Understanding the Student Journey
  • Practical Tips of Looking After A Mate:
    • Starting a conversation
    • Communication techniques
    • Listening
    • Motivating
  • Knowing what support is out there
  • Looking after yourself too:
    • When the going gets tough
    • Keeping up with the fun stuff
  • Look After Your Mate Action Plan

If you are interested in attending a Look After your Mate workshop, please email us via 

This workshop is designed by Student Minds. They have also produced information for friends  who want to support people in difficult times, and their website contains lots of resources featuring information on various mental health difficulties and mental wellbeing.