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Where can and can’t I smoke? 

In the UK it is illegal to smoke in all public enclosed spaces, including workplaces. This includes vehicles which serve the public e.g. taxis, buses and trains. 

You can smoke outside or in your own home, however it’s important to be aware that you will not be allowed to smoke in most rented accommodation.  

Smoking on campus 

Smoking cigarettes or electronic cigarettes is not permitted inside university buildings. This includes university managed accommodation, and students who are found to have been smoking inside residences are liable for a financial fineand may also have to leave their accommodation.  

Covering or tampering with smoke alarms put the lives of you and others at risk; students who are found to have tampered with smoke alarms are liable for a financial fine and may also have to leave their accommodation. 

We ask that when smoking in outside spaces on campus you follow the legal guidelines and remain at least two metres away from doors and open windows. 

Vaping and the law 

The rules on where you can and cannot vape (use e-cigarettes) can be confusing; although there isn’t a blanket ban on vaping in public indoor spaces as there is with smoking cigarettes, many venues and organisations have their own rules which prohibit it so it’s always best to check the rules wherever you are. 

Vaping can also set off fire alarms, so it is often not allowed for that reason. It is not permitted to vape in any University buildings, including University managed accommodation. 

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Want to reduce your smoking?  

There are lots of benefits that you can enjoy if you stop smoking: 

  • Breathing more easily 

  • Increased energy 

  • Improved mental wellbeing 

  • Improved fertility  

  • Better sense of smell and taste 

  • Younger looking skin 

  • Whiter teeth and better breath 

  • Increased life expectancy 

  • More money to spend on other things 

Find NHS resources, tips and support to quit smoking.