Health and Wellbeing

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

This section will provide you with information on alcohol, drugs and smoking, outlining the risks to health and allowing you to make decisions and seek help if necessary.

Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Substance misuse indicates consumption of psychoactive and intoxicant substances, legal and illegal, at a level which is harmful and/or problematic.

The University of Sussex makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the welfare of others is not jeopardised by the misuse of alcohol or illegal substances. The consequences of misusing drugs and alcohol are many and include: temporary and permanent impaired judgment and ability; absenteeism; poor academic performance; dysfunctional relationships and serious damage to both physical and mental health.

The following web pages provide information on the legal and instituitonal implications of misusing alcohol and drugs. Information is also provided on risks, harm reduction and sources of help and support both within and outside the university.