Study Abroad for Sussex Students

First Generation Summer School places

There is an opportunity for First Generation Scholars to participate in a Summer School abroad in South East Asia.

The scheme is open to 1st and 2nd year FGS students (not final year) who are interested in participating in these summer schools  Please click in the institution's name for more information about the programmes they offer.

The process can be very competitive and you will need to complete an application in order to be selected to study at these institutions for the summer. Successful students will receive a bursary to help them with flights and other living expenses. Sussex will cover tuition, registration, accommodation and other fees at the other University(s), so students do not need to pay for these.

How to apply:

You will be required to submit an application to Sussex Abroad first. The application is a word document which consist of:

  • Personal details
  • Support needs form
  • Statement
  • Academic reference from your Academic Advisor only
  • Declaration form

The application form will uploaded to this site shortly. Deadline: to be announced. 

If you are successful with your application, you will be required to complete an application with the other university too. Guidance about this will be given to you in due date.



Nanyang Technological University Click here for more information 


  • 6-week programme: 22 June - 31 July 2020
  • 4-week programme: 6 July - 31 July 2020
  • 2-week programme: 6 July - 17 July 2020; 20 July - 31 July 2020

If you list Nanyang as one of your choices, please make clear which course you wish to study and the duration of it (i.e. 4 or 2 weeks).

Please note that some of the programmes offered may change. It is recommended that you take 1 course, depending on the track. You can take 2 courses, but this will represent a heavier workload. Courses at Nanyang often have heavy contents and about 12 to 16 hours a week of lectures. Feedback from past students has been very positive, and they have found the courses fascinating, definitely worth applying! 

Students have also said about this programme:

  • "It was one of the best experiences in my life"
  • "I would describe my Summer School Programme in Singapore as the time of my life. All the people I met were amazin and the reputability of Nanyang Technological University is enough to boost my CV significantly"
  • "Honestly the best month of my life"
  • "Wonderful and a memorable experience"


Singapore Summer School

Photos taken by First Generation Scholars students who have participated in a summer programme in Singapore in 2018.


Taylor's University, Malaysia Click here for more information.

Taylor's will only be offering:

  • 'Malaysian Legal Systems' which can be of an interest to LLB Law students (single or joint honours). This course can be 2-week or 3-week long, if you are interested in taking part in the internship option. Organised through collaboration with prestigious law firms, this programme aims to provide a strategic platform for Law students to gain insight on the Malaysian Legal System and workings of law related organisations in Malaysia. Students will be attending seminars on the Malaysian Constitution and Legal Instructions such as the Malaysian Parliament, the Attorney General, the Judiciary, the Syariah Courts (Islamic Law) and the legal profession. Many experiential learning opportunities are provided through participation in field trips and site visits to the Parliament, High Court, Syariah Courts, Palace of Justice (where judicial courts and offices are housed), Attorney General’s Chambers, Legal Aid Center and Bar Council.
  • 'Doing Business in Asia' is open to all subject areas. Doing Business in Asia (Innovation, Culture and Entrepreneurship) is a strategic programme for all students interested to learn more about the dynamics of business setting in Asia. Students will be able to gain insights on business strategies, cross-cultural issues, marketing and management and business operations success factors. Moreover, students can look forward to participating in real life business pitch and have their ideas validated by seasonal practitioners. Ultimately, this programme strives to equip students with an innovative and global mindset to appreciate the dynamic and emerging South East Asia markets as opportunities for growth and be aware of the business issues and challenges that arise from the diversified and culturally rich Asian business environments.

Students will benefit from cultural workshops, Kuala Lumpur city tours and field trips.

The programmes will run from 2 - 15 August 2020 (22 August if doing the 3-week session with internship)

Feedback from students rates the courses as positive with moderate workload, and very helpful and amazing staff. Students also say:

  • "I had such a brilliant insight into the Malaysian legal system and gained so much culturally from the experience".
  • "The summer programme was interesting, unique, informative and a fantastic experience".
  • "Open my eyes to a new world"
  • "Extravagant"

Taylor's University Summer Programme

Photos taken by Grainne, who took part in the 'Malaysian Legal Systems' summer programme at Taylor's University in 2018


Renmin University of China, Beijing Click here for more information

Dates of the programme:  end of June - end of July. Final dates to be announced

RUC International Summer School offers a wide variety of courses that range from Chinese language courses to Humanities, Socioloy, Policits, Economics, Management, Science and Engineering. Students can take one or two courses - note that if you take two courses your workload can be heavier. Having said that, the workload is manageable generally speaking. Renmin usually offers 4 weekend trips to Summer Palace, Chinese Acrobatics, Forbidden City and The Great Wall - not to be missed!

You may find the list of courses for summer 2019 with its syllabus, but please note that these could change. The list of courses for the following summer will be announced in March, but you can use 2019 as an approximate reference. If you cannot access these, please consult with Hilmi ( or Ester ( 

Feedback from students:

  • "A once in a lifetime experience where I made a lot of memories that will be with me forever"
  • "A once in a lifetime opportunity and a great experience"
  • "Incredible experience"

Renmin University of China

Photos provided by a number of students and staff who took part in the programme or visited Renmin.


If you have queries, please address these to Ester on