Study Abroad for Sussex Students

Summer schools

Global Excellence Summer Programme (GESP) 2020

This scheme provides partial funding to a maximum of 10 first or second year students who are interested in taking part in the summer schools listed below.

How to apply?

You will be required to apply to the Sussex Abroad office first, by electronically filling in our GESP 2020 application form and providing:

  • your personal details
  • details of any reasonable adjustments you have
  • a statement questionnaire
  • an academic reference (this must be from your Academic Advisor)
  • a declaration form

You must email the completed form to us by the deadline on Wednesday 26th February 2020 at 4pm.

Candidates will be screened internally by the Sussex Abroad team and selected based on their suitability for the programme and the strength of their statement, reference and grades. Candidates will be notified of the results by mid-March.

Successful candidates will then have to submit a separate application to the partner university afterwards. Students who have applied directly to the partner university, without having completed this internal application, will not be able to apply for GESP funding.

Who can apply?

Any undergraduate student in their first or second year whose academic record is in good standing. Students in their final year are not eligible to apply.

The programme does not need to be related to your field of studies at Sussex. However, some programmes or courses may be have prerequisites, especially if they are taught at Humboldt. Make sure you visit the partner website to check your eligiblity before you apply.

Priority will be given to students who are NOT applying to study in their home country.

What will the bursary cover?

The bursary is intended to cover most of the programme fees, including your accommodation, but there could still be a shortfall if there are any additional fees or fluctuations in the exchange rate.

You will need to cover your flights, living costs, insurance and, if applicable, visas, vaccinations and other health requirements. 

The bursary amount you will receive will depend on the programme you apply to. Please see information under each partner to find out more.

Will the summer programme be recognised on my degree?

No, any credits you earn will not be brought back to your degree at Sussex. The summer programme is not a credit transferring programme, it is an opportunity for further study and personal development and provides students with a rare chance to live in another part of the world for a short time.

Korea University, Seoul (South Korea) - International Summer Campus

Korea University, founded in 1905, is widely acknowledged as one of the country's oldest, largest and top-ranked universities in Korea. KU is known to be one of the most beautiful campuses in Korea. Korea Univesrity International Summer Campus (KU ISC) provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Korea through academic and cultural immersion during the summer months. Courses offered have a particular emphasis on Business, Economics, Humanities, Sociology, Fine Art, International Relations, Science and Korean Studies. 

The KU ISC hosts thousands of students from around 300 institutions in about 50 countries in the world, so you will most likely expand your international network! The KU Buddy Program is designed to ensure that you are comfortable in your new surroundings. With your KU buddy you can practice Korean language skills and be introduced to the local culture. 

Day trips to places like the DMZ, Gyeongbok Palace, and Lotte World will be offered to you, along with the course you will study. Extra-curricular activities such as Taekwondo and K-Pop dance will also be available to you.

Dates of the programme: There are two options you could choose from:

  • 6-week track from 1st July to 7th August 2020
  • 4-week track from 1st July to 25th July 2020

The 4-week session is designed for those who are not able to participate in the standard 6-week track course. 

Courses: These range from Korean Language, Sociology, Business, Korean Culture and other Social Sciences disciplines.

Programme fees The amount of tuition and accommodation costs will vary depending on the number of credits and type of housing you go for. There's also an application fee. Example below of estimated costs based on one course and the type of accommodation chosen:

  • Application fee KRW 100,000 (approx. £66)
  • Tuition for 1 course KRW 1,600,000 (approx. £1,052)
  • Housing for the CJ Double room on the 4-week track KRW 696,000 (approx £458)
  • TOTAL: KRW 2,396,000 (£1,576)

As stated above, costs can vary depending on the courses and the type of housing you go for. Other costs to bear in mind will be flights, insurance, living costs and vaccinations. Your flight will most likely be a substantial cost so please make sure you research this before applying.

Bursary: £1,700 to help cover the programme fees. This bursary will be paid directly to you, providing you can prove you have been accepted to Korea University. You will then pay the Korea University programme fees yourself.

Maximum number of students we can give the bursary to: 

Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany) - HUWISU Summer 2020

Humboldt University, located in Berlin, offers a series of courses that are thematically related to the city of Berlin and will hold ample space for interesting lectures, field trips and discussions from this vantage point. Accompanying the seminars and lectures, field trips and guided tours will provide you with the chance to deepen and apply your knowledge base.

Dates of the programme: Sussex students are eligible for courses in Session II, which run from 20th July to 14th August 2020.

Courses: Please browse their course catalogue on Topics of courses range from Metropolitan Studies, Language & Literature, Social Sciences to Cultural Studies and Economics. Please check the eligibility requirements by clicking in each course.

Programme fees: It has been agreed that Humboldt will waive the tuition fees for three Sussex students. However note that there will still be other costs such as the non-refundable programme fee of 160 EUR, accommodation, flights, insurance and visas (if applicable).

Bursary: £900 to contribute towards your accommodation costs in Berlin. HUWISU may be able to offer accommodation for the 4-week Session II courses, if so, this will be at an agreed hotel, not university halls of residence. 

Maximum number of students we can give the bursary to: 3

Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic) - Summer University Prague

The Summer University Prague is organised by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University, the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic. The Faculty is the second youngest faculty of Charles University, which was created in 1990. Its main goal is to develop teaching and research in those aspects of the social sciences, which directly or indirectly relate to the public administration or to the economics and cultural life of society. 

The programme will be of interest to students from all backgrounds who have an interest in international affairs and development in Europe. The topic for summer 2020 will be announced at the beginning of March, but this programme has always proven to be popular in the past!

Summer University Prague will host a maximum of 30 students, but they always aim to have students from all over the world to give you a truly international experience. In addition, you will be able to participate in numerous of cultural and social events which are designed to accompany and enhance the academic programme. 

Dates: the Summer University Prague 2020 is scheduled for 5th - 19th September 2020. 

Programme fees: It has been agreed that a maximum of two Sussex students can participate to the Summer University Prague 2020 where programme fees will be waived.

Bursary: £400 to contribue towards your flights and other living expenses during the duration of the programme. 

Maximum number of students we can give the bursary to: 2