Study Abroad for Sussex Students

Summer schools

We are offering students the chance to take part in an Summer School for the summer of 2022. We are offering a mixture of online and in person opportunities.

This is a great opportunity to study with another prestigious global university and meet students (virtually or in person) from around the world. You'll develop skills from working with students from a range of different countries and cultures and you can enhance your studies at Sussex by studying something completely different. You will finish the course with a certificate or transcript which you can add to your CV and further add to your employability. Some of our opportunites include a bursary towards the cost. 

The following schemes are available in 2022:

GESP - Global Excellence Summer Programme



GOIL – Global International Learning Summer School  - NOW OPEN FOR SUMMER 2022

This programme is offered to Foundation and 1st year students and priority will be given to underrepresented groups.


Santander University of Sussex Business Online Summer School - (Details to be confirmed)

This programme is available to 1st and 2nd year students from the Business school


Other short-term global opportunities