Study Abroad for Sussex Students

American Studies degree students

Find out about what happens as an American Studies student on your year abroad.

About the year abroad

If you are an American Studies student (single and joint-honours) or Law with American Studies, you will spend your third year at a US or Canadian university.

These universities have been carefully selected for their academic standard, pastoral and administrative support, and cultural and geographical environment.

Whatever field most interests you or whichever part of North America appeals, Sussex will almost certainly have a partner university that can host you for the academic year. We have a top set of exchange universities and you can expect to study at one of 40 US and Canadian campuses.

The Year Abroad is an essential and compulsory component of the American Studies four-year degree programme.

To be eligible to go on the year aborad, you must demonstrate continued good academic standing on your course. As long as you carry out the work required, attend tutorials and seminars, and turn in essays on time, this average grade should be perfectly possible to achieve.

It will also be necessary to achieve an average of at least 50% in formal assessment in the first year of your course, and mantain a good academic standing. It's worth noting that some of our partner universities require students to have achieved higher grades. 

Preparing for your year abroad

You will be given plenty of advice and information about the Year Abroad throughout the first two years at Sussex.

You will be invited to meetings and also to meet returning final year students who can give you valuable insight. Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to learn more, so you are prepared for and confident about what can be something of a culture shock.

If you can't attend these meetings or seminars, you should make sure the Director of the Year Abroad programme is aware of the situation, and that you receive all the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth trip.

Support and guidance

Even while you are abroad, there is advice and support available to you from Sussex (either over the phone or via email) so there is never any reason to feel cut off if problems arise.


Ester Aventin (Global Mobility Officer)
Global Engagement / Sussex Abroad
Hastings Building / 01273 678558 (currently unavailable due to Covid-19)