Study Abroad for Sussex Students

Study Abroad Options

Voluntary Study Abroad

As a part of Sussex Choice, most students who do not already have a mandatory study abroad element to their degree course can apply to add one.

Language degree students

The Year Abroad (YA) for Language student is an academic year spent studying, teaching or gaining work experience in a country where the target language is spoken. The year aborad is an integral part of the four year BA language degree, taking place in the third year.

American Studies degree students

All American Studies majors, and joint-degree majors, spend their third year at a North American university that has been carefully selected for its academic standard, levels of pastoral and administrative support and cultural and geographical environment.

English with a Year Abroad Year

If are enrolled on an English with a Year Abroad Year 4 year degree, you will still need to apply in the same way as a Voluntary student. However, we have compiled some information especially tailored for English students to assist in your research.